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  1. At first, people enjoyed their football by watching their favorite college team play but the focus of the country changed in 1958. That nfl sports shopwent into overtime and captured a number of new fans who found that they enjoyed the professional football league just as much as if not more as their college football teams. Due to the rising popularity of professional football, the NFL merged with the American Football League in the 1960's to form what is now the National Football League.
  2. Over the years, some friendly and some not-so-friendly rivalries have come about due to a number of circumstances. These rivalries can be categorized into three separate groups. The first is the 'interdivisional', which is a rivalry between teams in the same NFL division. The second is interdivisional, which is a rivalry between teams in the different divisions but in the same conference. The third is the 'interconference', which is a rivalry between teams that wear authentic football jerseys in different conferences. Many times fans will hear sportscasters refer to team rivalries as divisional rivals", division rival" or conference rival" instead of including the appropriate prefix.
  3.  This particular rivalry has had a number of key moments that continued to fuel their contention over the years. Many football fans would like to participate in this kind of leagues and I believe that there will be more associations appear in the future.
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